Doctor Google

Andy Malinoski
May 24, 2006 — 1,808 views  
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Health care consumerism has attracted the attention of the folks at Google in a big way. Today, Google changed their search criteria for health care searches. Now when you go to Google and type in a health related search you will find different options that will make searching for health care related information easier. After you read this, go to Google, type in “arthritis.” Now your results will show other categories that were not available before: treatment, symptoms, tests, causes, for patients, for health professionals – all related to your search for arthritis information. The most used search engine just enabled consumers the ability to find health care information easier than they were able to yesterday. The technology trigger (the Internet) just got more powerful in its ability to help consumers influence the market. If Google is paying attention, the market will follow, just watch. Andy Malinoski is Vice President of Communications for Vested Health, he can be reached at [email protected]

Andy Malinoski

Vested Health

Andy Malinoski is Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Vested Health. Joining Vested Health in January 2006, Malinoski is an advocate for consumer-driven plans based on real life experience with health care benefits professionally as an employer and personally as a father of three children. Andy oversees the account management, media relations and educational material development key to providing consumers information about how their health plan works and the benefits available to them through their Vested Health plan.