CDHP controls costs

Andy Malinoski
May 15, 2006 — 1,772 views  
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I work for a consumer-driven health plan provider. So what I am about to write will seem like self-promotion, but I am going to write it anyway, because I have the statistics to prove it. Here’s what I know: consumer-driven health plans (CDHP), structured correctly, can control costs for employers, provide employees the financial resource necessary to obtain health care services and improve benefits for companies that have been hit with increase, after increase, after increase, after increase… I make that statement based on the renewal rates for companies (more than 250) I know are taking advantage of consumer-driven health care plans. These companies have set up a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) for their employees. The HRA allows the employee access to the dollars they need for care, but also enables the employer to remain in control of the dollars (unlike Health Savings Accounts) and establish parameters for the use of the funds. These employers, when looked at as a group, have also reaped the benefits of an average of a 4.13% increase year-over-year. With the national trend running at 11-15% depending on which report you read, a 4% increase in health care benefit cost should be an indicator that if you have not considered a consumer-driven health plan with a HRA component, it might just be time to pick up the phone or fire up the search engine. Andy Malinoski is Vice President of Communications for Vested Health, he can be reached at [email protected]

Andy Malinoski

Vested Health

Andy Malinoski is Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Vested Health. Joining Vested Health in January 2006, Malinoski is an advocate for consumer-driven plans based on real life experience with health care benefits professionally as an employer and personally as a father of three children. Andy oversees the account management, media relations and educational material development key to providing consumers information about how their health plan works and the benefits available to them through their Vested Health plan.