Do Your Words Promote or Demote?

Debora McLaughlin
August 17, 2009 — 2,382 views  
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Are you empowering others each time you speak? Have you noticed that whenever you talk to someone, the energy seems to fade away and the other person seems uninterested? Then after the interaction there is a feeling of sadness and your enthusiasm is simply gone. If these things happen, then it is time to analyze yourself and work on your empowering skills.

On the other hand, there are those people that whenever you talk to them, you feel energized and inspired. You suddenly seem to be excited to do something after having a conversation with them. Have you experienced this when talking to these people? If so, you have been empowered by them. There are people who simply have the ability and the way to empower others. You can learn this skill.

If you are source of empowering other people, then you definitely know what I mean. Whenever you speak, you will notice the flow of energy within yourself. As you speak, the person you are talking to becomes more energetic and happy. If you get a person excited to do something, then you are definitely a source of empowerment. But what does it really take to empower others?

The way we speak has so much to do with our empowering skills. It has the power to start a change not only within ourselves, but also to other people. The way we speak will determine if we are inspiring others or simply draining. There are people who seem to have an inborn capacity to empower others through the way they speak. It is very evident in their personality. You can see it shine through them and it affects you as well every time you're with them.

Follow these three steps when speaking to others. First, ask yourself, is what I have to say beneficial to the other person, and is it for the greater good? If so proceed. Second, check in on your own energy, what emotions do you feel right now, are they aligned with the emotion you want to emote when speaking about this topic? If not, return to the conversation another time. Third, decide ahead of time what outcome you want from your conversation. Determine if you want the person to feel energized, engaged, and ready to take action? From this desired outcome, feel the sensation of the conversation as if it already happened and begin to speak. Even a negative feedback conversation can be empowering if the person feels connected and supported and ready for change.

So watch what is coming out of your mouth, your words, your emotion, its tonality in delivery. Use words to promote, spirit, energy and action.

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Debora McLaughlin: Executive & Business Coach, Speaker, Consultant & Mentor. Works with executives, business owners & managers to optimize profits, people & performance. Author of several books including Blueprint for Success with Stephen R. Covey & Ken Blanchard.
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Debora McLaughlin