Workplace Conflict Management Resolution - How to Resolve?

Nick Mutt
August 3, 2009 — 3,227 views  
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Conflict management in the workplace develops the harmonious relationship among employees. To manage the conflict, first step is to identify different conflicts a person has experienced. Then identify appropriate ways to resolve a conflict and practice the conflict management steps to resolve a conflict.

Conflict management involves conversation, discussion and practice of conflict resolution skills. The employees should have training and/or the skills in business communication, boldness, and anger management. These skills are necessary to resolving any conflict. Conflict resolution is a hard skill to master. It is important to stress to the employees the importance of using "outs" when their skills are not helping resolve the conflict. The "outs" include leaving the area, approving to disagree, and getting a third party involved to help in the conflict resolution.

Discuss with employees different conflicts they have been facing in day to day activities. Have they talked about how to resolve it? Talk about the positives and negatives about how they resolved the conflict. Positive ways can consist of trying to know the other person's point of view, compromising, talking about it, etc. Negative ways include yelling, refusing to modify, change or compromise, refusing to work out the conflict, etc.

Instruct the following steps to resolve the conflict. Control employee's emotions and use recreation techniques. Take yourself out of the conflict situation. Express your feelings positively to create harmony. If there is a conflict, try to identify the root cause. Who is responsible for conflict? If it is needed, take time away from the person to think about the conflict and prepare a good strategy to resolve as soon as possible. Ask the employees if they have time to talk. This will cause a communication between them and most of the cases communications resolve the conflicts. Discuss your feeling. Tell the person why you are reacting like you are (i.e., you have not paid your incentives of the sales for the last three months). Listen carefully completely and allow the person to respond. Discuss with the person different options for resolving the conflict. Continue to discuss peacefully. If the conflict can not be resolved and/or you are getting irritated, inform the person that you need to go away and you would like to talk about it afterward. Do not give up, wait for some time and try again.

I hope in this article you have read the basics of conflict management and few good steps to resolve it.

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