Is Wage and Overtime Claims Lawful?

Janice Ticar
July 24, 2009 — 2,347 views  
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Most companies implement their own principles and policies for its employees. They may have employed several or even multitude of workers to perform various tasks.

The Federal Law protects employees from maltreatment and harassment in the workplace. It provides certain guidelines for the companies to follow. Law provisions specifically discuss matters pertaining to punishable workplace offences.

Businesses should provide opportunities for their employees to develop their full potential. An individual worker's reputation and competencies reflects the companies overall performance.

However, this ideal relationship is ruined when employees raise issues regarding wage and hour claims. A company's failure to address the issue often results in bigger and more complicated problems to an employer.

Federal law is created to protect you. If you decide to file a complaint, just be sure that you bring all the right winning formula to properly address your grievances.

Things to remember in filing wage and overtime claims:

Federal law and state law provide protection and due rights to all employees against wage and overtime issues.

Every state has its own set of policy and guidelines regarding this matter. For example under California law, the minimum wage is higher than what the federal law provides.

A company will base the amount of salary on the person's task or position. Some companies universally label an employee in an effort to avoid the wage and overtime law.

However, not all employees are covered by the Wage and Hour Law. Individuals, belonging in the managerial jobs are usually exempted. Yet, if these people file their claims, they are given the right to do so.

The law looks beyond many categories of a person's wage and overtime declaration. The solid proof of whether he is a victim of the said offense lies in his job title and the duties performed.

How to avoid making complicated decision?

Do not complicate your problem. It is wise to look for someone who can guaranty you expertise in handling cases such as wage and overtime claims.

A task free case needs a lawyer with expertise on the field. Wage and overtime claims will be fully compensated with the fair amount dedicated to the amount of energy and perseverance you make.

A wage and overtime lawyer will give back all the company setbacks when it comes to benefits. They will set a fine example for other companies not to neglect their responsibility to each worker employed under their care.

A best defense is counterpart by a well-known and vibrant lawyer who in any legal battles has the vigor to persuade a fair agreement to all the challenges that may come your way.

Wage and Overtime Claims involve intricate procedures. To know more about dealing with this type of Labor Law Violation, log on to our website and seek the assistance of our credible Los Angeles Employment lawyers.

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