The 9 Major Causes of Failure In Leadership

Zack Miller
June 30, 2009 — 2,712 views  
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Not all of us are natural born leaders. Most of us are moving into leadership roles from a followers role. So we have to work at it very hard in order to be great at it. However, some of us will stumble along the way. For those of you that will stumble. You will battle the mistakes that come along with being a leader. There are 10 mistakes you must avoid in order to be the best leader you can be.

Inability to organize details.

The first mistake is the inability to organize details. This is one of the most common mistake a leader can make. You must be very organized as a leader. Organization will allow you to schedule events and foresee possible problems. Also a leader that is too busy is not a true leader. A leader should never be to busy to help others.

Unwillingness to render humble services

Some leaders think and feel they are better then the people that follow them. They feel since they have moved into a leadership role that some tasks are below them. That there are some tasks they shouldn't have to perform anymore. A true leader will lead by example. They are not afraid to role up their sleeves and offer some elbow grease. When a situation gets tough and no one want to perform it. This is when a lead should take the reins and show their follows that no one is above the law. They are there to help them get through it. Whether by manual labor or mental brainstorming.

Expectation of pay for what they know.

Avoiding this mistake will make the difference whether your business succeeds or fails. Leaders that feel they should get paid for what they know, instead of what they do are destined to fail. The world may start off paying you for what you know. However after the beginning if you don't perform that pay will be cut. In network marketing the great leaders get paid a lot of money for what they do. You have to take action in order to have longevity in that industry. Otherwise you will never make it off the ground.

Fear of competition from followers.

The fastest way to grow your network marketing business is to help others achieve their goals. When you help others make a check, your check will get bigger. Ii is easier to have 100 people doing 30% of the work. Then it is for you to do 100% by yourself. So if you're always worried that one of your followers will by pass you in rank or pay. You will never achieve your goals.

Lack of Imagination!

An imagination is crucial to entrepreneurs especially leaders. Without this trait, leaders will not be able to effectively handle emergencies as they pop up. They will also lack the creative planning to efficiently guide there followers.


There is no greater feeling then being noticed and honored for the hard work you have done. One of the quickest ways to create distrust and discernment in your followers is to except all of the praise. Whether you deserve it or not. Great leaders will always give the credit to his followers. Whether it was because of him or not. Always giving the credit to your followers will strengthen the trust and subconsciously make then want to work harder for you.


Every leader will have chinks in their armor at some period in their leadership. However one chink you want to straighten out quickly would be disloyalty. A disloyal leader will create distrust issues amongst the team. Disloyal leader rarely create longevity, let alone wealth.

Emphasis of the authority of leadership.

A great leader will lead with encouragement, not with fear. As a leader you never want to use your authority to impress your followers. A leader that leads with fear and impressing flare is leading by force. Throughout history such dictators like Hitler, Napoleon, and Stalin led by force. We all know want happen to them! Real leaders need not advertise there authority. They lead through their conduct of understanding, fairness, and know how.

Emphasis of title!

Real leaders don't need a title to feel empowered and respected by others. Titles have a tendency to separate people by stator. A leader should always be accessible to anyone at anytime. Great leaders always have an open door policy and they check their ego's at the door. Leaders that emphasis their title have nothing else to show for.

So these are the 9 ways you can fail at leadership. You only need to be bad at one to invoke failure. Just remember everything take practice. Only a follow people are natural born leaders. The rest of us have to learn from mistakes to become a great leader. Don't believe for one second that you can never become a great leader. 80% of leadership is how you present yourself and act. Think and act like a leader and the rest will follow.

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