In Leadership Small Things Count

Liz Cosline
June 30, 2009 — 2,524 views  
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When people lead it is natural I suppose to want to be recognized for that amazing accomplishment that occurred as they lead the team to victory. There is nothing wrong with this at all. People need to succeed in the things and work they do. That's what goal setting is all about.

To accomplish great achievements team has to be built, nurtured, pushed,appreciated, and formed to be group that will accomplish consistently. This does not usually happen overnight. This takes time and effort with a leader that is involved and wants the success of the group and the individuals.

This encompasses the leader doing what is called the small things but actually turn into big things if done on a regular basis. So what are these so important small things? A leader needs to stay in touch with the group evaluating who might need more training, whom needs a little extra work, who needs a challenge, and also who needs a break.

This is being in touch with the group and with the individual. The leader needs to notice when the jobs are completed and feedback to the people doing these jobs. This includes praising the work accomplished. A leader has to communicate well, making sure that what is asked for is understood. Understood by each individual.

What sometimes is called a small thing but is actually a big thing is that a leader must listen. What is great about a team is that these members know best what is working and what is not working. Though not all suggestions can be implemented right away, and some not at all, suggestions from the group have a lot of weight. But also when there are problems individually the leader needs to let the person know that listening is occurring. If something cannot be fixed it is a good idea to tell the person it cannot and why. If people think they are not heard it causes a negative energy.

Leaders need to trust their group and allow them to do the job alone. This grows confidence in the group. However leaving them alone all the time is not good. They need attention even if that is simply knowing, the leader is around. The point is that people can make everyday decisions to keep the flow going and if leading is occurring they are responding the way a leader wishes.

Leaders need to show their appreciation on a regular basis. Saying than you often is certainly a small way. But more than this needs to occur. Telling the individual how they are doing well and telling the group also. And it makes a bigger statement to just get them something once in a while. A small gift just because, is a great statement. It shows appreciation and that the leader cares.

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