Practical Challenges for PHR & SPHR

June 4, 2009 — 2,551 views  
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Nowadays, companies are laying off their staffs. Though, it is extremely tough to find talented pool of employees. So, companies need good managers to counter the cruel recession. Sphr phr certification ensures that they are approving the potentials which have capabilities to counter all these hurdles. Credibility of such certifications provides relief to the companies and let them concentrate on their core task.

Sphr study guide shows ethical approach towards the term 'human resource'. The guide ensures that in resource could never come ahead of 'human'. After all, how can we disrespect 'humanity'! So, sphr human resources mean handle all human being as the resource with delicate/sensitive touch. Here, we will try to understand those practical aspects which are all about spontaneity or maturity of the human resource experts because each and every possibility can not be mentioned in any book or study guide.

Sphr & phr (professional in the Human Resource) strongly favor succession plans. According to them, such plans must be in place to make sure that good people are at key position. But a conscious professional never forget to mention that abiding with succession plans do not mean to recruit internally. However, poaching from another company is also not so bad deal if you are getting absolutely ideal candidate.

Graduate fast track schemes also have always remained very effective and popular medium for finding and recruiting the best talent. Often the combination of huge potential and theoretical knowledge did not prove enough for the companies. So, they arrange training session for the fresh breed.

Online social media is also rapidly growing up as a big challenge. Nowadays, employees have power of social community websites. They can defame any company on the basis of few specific reasons. For instance, if employees are not happy with company's hr policies then they can expose such policies through social community websites or forums. This sort of approach of employees may weaken company's reputation on World Wide Web. So, here comes a new challenge for phr and sphr. Either keep you employee happy or recruit a special team who will take care of company's reputation on World Wide Web.

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