Your Company is Losing Thousands of Dollars a Year on Employee Stress

Kimberly Palm
February 25, 2014 — 2,898 views  
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According to the latest studies, employers in the United States are losing over $200 billion a year on employee Stress. These losses are occurring from a combination of employee absenteeism, lower productivity, turnover, workers’ compensation, medical insurance and more. One of the biggest costs to employers is the mistakes made on the job by employees who are tired and stressed and are unable to focus and concentrate efficiently at their job.  Stress is not just affecting American Companies, but also international businesses as well.  The United Nations’ International Labor Organization has defined Stress as a “global epidemic”.  That all being said, stress management for employees is going to be the most important issue of the 21st century.

It is important for employers to understand that the stress experienced by their  employees is not only caused at work but also caused by; poor diet, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, emotional issues, negative thinking, perceptions, relationship issues, problems at home, chemicals in food , chemicals in the environment, and a myriad of other problems. If you solve one or two of these issues, you are still left with stressed out employees who are costing you money. You first need to analyze and address every one of the stressors that an individual is experiencing in his/her life. Each person is unique and has a different set of stressors in their lives. Also, each person deals with stress differently than their co-workers. One example of this is, if you have two people working for the same bad boss with the same poor work conditions, one person could always be happy and healthy, the other person could be unhappy and sick. This is due to the employee’s perception and their ability to manage stress.

Most stress management programs in the world deal only with one or a few of the many causes of stress. These programs are not fully addressing “all of the issues” of stress and they are not saving employers any money.  If an employer only focuses on the “on the job stress” or “emotional stress”, the employees are still suffering with other forms of stress in their lives. After seeing the lack of tools in the H.R. and Benefits Industry that effectively deal with solving all the issues of stress, Kimberly Palm, invented the P.E.A.C.E. ™ Stress Management System. This system is unique in that it assesses each individual’s life situation and then teaches employees how to manage every area of stress in their lives. When the employee is able to manage all areas of stress, their company will save money on absenteeism, turnover, insurance, disability, temp services, mistakes and all the other stress related work problems. If a company uses the P.E.A.C.E.™  Stress Management System, they will also create a more harmonious and peaceful work environment, where people get along with one another and get more work done.

If your company would like to save thousands of dollars this year, please contact us to find out more about the P.E.A.C.E.™ Stress Management System. We can administer a complimentary employee stress assessment and give you the results so you can determine which of our programs will work best for your company or organization. The assessment also enables us to provide custom coaching for each of your employees. There is no obligation to do an assessment and your company will receive invaluable information. Call us today at (206)484-0312 or email:[email protected]

Kimberly Palm

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