Popular Apps to Make Your Job Search Easier

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December 9, 2013 — 2,735 views  
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Nowadays with so many smartphones available in the market at a very low cost, their popularity has increased in an enormous way. With that, the use of apps has also increased. An app is nothing but a shorter version of the term ‘software application’. These software applications are commonly used in mobile phones and tablets. Most of these apps are free of cost and are available on the application distribution platform operated by the owner of the mobile operating system and can be downloaded easily. Although certain apps need to be bought for some nominal charge-- a fraction of this goes to the developer--while the rest goes to the distribution provider.

Earlier apps were mainly for entertainment, general productivity and information retrieval, but now the scope has widened a lot and you see all kinds of apps for ticket purchasing, location based services, banking and many more. One such type of app was made for people who are searching for jobs. At present there are many such apps, but some of the most popular apps for searching a job are as follows:

  1. Job Compass: It is an app which helps you in searching for jobs which are near to your home within a certain radial distance. This app is available for iPhone users for free in the iTunes store.
  2. Jobs by Careerbuilder App: This app helps you in finding and applying for the jobs from your Apple device even when you are not online.
  3. Resume Tips: It helps the job seekers about the golden rules, tips and warnings on how to prepare a good resume.
  4. Indeed.com: One of the most extensive app for job search with thousands of listings and is very popular among all kinds of job seekers. It is available in both iTunes and Google Play.
  5. Jibber Jobber: It helps you in keeping track of all the progress you've made in your job search like where all you've applied and who is the person to contact for each job.
  6. CareerAmp.com: This app helps you in finding opportunities for doing internships in the companies where your friends in the social networking sites are working.
  7. SnagAJob.com: This is an app which helps you in finding part-time jobs which pays you in an hourly basis.
  8. In the Door: It helps you to find the openings through your contacts in Facebook.
  9. Evernote: This is an app which helps job seekers to organize their search in a better way as it records and categorizes notes, clippings, videos, and photos.
  10. Resume Bear: It acts like a tracking tool and sends notification to the Android operating system users whenever their resume is accessed.
  11. High Paying Jobs: This app is for those people who are looking for a lucrative job offer that pays handsomely and is used mostly by people having a lot of experience and qualification.

So this proves that you can get a fair idea about where to go when it comes to mobile apps if you are looking for a job.

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