Inclement Weather Pay Policies: What You Need to Know

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December 16, 2013 — 2,835 views  
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Inclement weather is a typical weather condition that can cause major disturbance to roads and regular operations of schools and business establishments in a particular area. Different companies will have different policies regarding the pay for their employees during such inclement weather conditions. The weather conditions also differ from place to place as some regions might have problems because of cold weather leading to extensive snowfall, while other regions might be facing situations of heavy rainfall leading to floods and cyclone.

Special Pay Rules during the Period of Inclement Weather

There are certain conditions where it is assumed that the work place will be closed in case of extreme weather conditions and it is the responsibility of the company management to notify this to all the employees. If any notification is not sent, a person can assume that the office will be closed, provided the local police authorities issues a notice to all drivers to stay off the road. In many private companies, employees are told to take unpaid leave of absence when the bad weather situation continues for more than three or four days.

  • When the inclement weather condition(s) occurs during the working hours: If the office is closed earlier than usual, all the employees will be given a normal working days' salary, regardless of how much time they have worked.
  • Closing down the office because of bad weather: If it is decided that the office will not open as a result of inclement weather, all the employees will receive their base pay for the number of hours they would have normally worked that day.
  • Use of time off: If the office is open and an employee fails to come and is forced to stay back at home, that person won't be paid for the day.

The Actions That the Employers Can Take

Many times the employees have faced a lot of confusion regarding how this whole process of handling inclement weather pay policies is carried out. So, employers need to review their policies and practices so that they clearly understand how the absence will be handled. Certain steps that these employers can take are as follows:

  • Making it clear to the employees about the person who will be deciding whether to close or open the office premises during bad weather and who is going to notify them.
  • Making the policy of working from home clear to all the employees.
  • Distinguishing clearly between exempt and non-exempt employees and how their pay is going to be affected.
  • Giving the employees the freedom of bringing their children to the workplace when their school is shutdown, but the office remains open during inclement weather.

Bad weather makes life difficult for both employers and workers and creates uncertainty and stress. With right preparation, employers can cut down some of that stress by having distinctly written and conveyed guidelines for how your company will manage any weather-related absences.

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