How to Ensure Your Website Will Attract New Talent to Your Company

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December 2, 2013 — 2,884 views  
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There is no organization in the world that doesn't want talented people to work with them. However, the big problem these companies face is that they are not able to attract the right people, and as such, talent acquisition becomes an issue. There can be various reasons for it, like the company is not very well known, it has got a negative perception in the market, and many more. Many companies, however, forget one basic aspect. Their website is a major tool that helps a great deal in the recruitment process by attracting many applicants to the company. 

Nowadays, whenever a company approaches a candidate, those who are serious would have already gone through their website even before they were approached and would have got some idea about the company. So, it is inevitable for all organizations to have a website which not only attracts the candidates, but also gives them a clear picture about their work culture and what to expect when they get an offer.

Key Components Required for a Website to Attract New Talent

There are certain key components that are needed in a company website, so prospective candidates can get a clear picture of what to expect when they go for an interview. Some of these components are:

  1. An 'About Us' section where information is given on what the business of the company is, their vision, mission and their history.
  2. A unique link for all the job openings. It can be named as 'careers' or 'join us', where all relevant information about the various positions, job description, each position's roles and responsibilities and the qualification needed for each role is given.
  3. You can also add the feature where the candidates and applicants can submit their resumes for a particular role.
  4. There should also be the contact details of the right person on the site so that a candidate who is really interested can call and inquire about details.
  5. If possible, last year's annual report of the company should also be made available on the site so that the candidates can get a picture of how the company has performed over the years.
  6. Employee testimonials can also make a huge difference as all prospective employees read it so that they get to know how the employees are treated there and what they can expect in terms of future career growth.
  7. You can also use social media which has become a rage in today's market space to advertise and emphasize why your website is a good option.
  8. Optimizing your website is also another way of attracting talent as many candidates use search engines to find the relevant job for themselves.
  9. Never, ever disengage from the process of recruitment even if there are not many vacancies to fill.
  10. Empower your employees by placing them in positions of great influence.

Today, without taking an active role in hunting down talented workers, it is almost impossible to attract highly competent candidates to your business. Always keep in mind that any talented and qualified person needs to be felt that you want him/her to be part of your team just as much as he/she wants the job.

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