Effective Strategies for Documentation of Employee Discipline

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November 4, 2013 — 2,844 views  
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Employee discipline can start affecting a business and its bottom-line. It is essential for any business to ensure that its employees are disciplined and doing their work as required. It is the responsibility of HR managers to ensure employee discipline. If there arises any major issues in case of certain employees, termination is the best way out. There are several proven strategies for implementing and documenting employee discipline.

Work Timings

The business should ensure that the work timings are reasonable. This will make it easier to enforce the timings on the employees. Employees find it easier to adhere to work timings if they are carefully planned and scheduled according to their needs. The business should also consider flexible timings for its employees. The employees should be allowed to work whenever they want as long as the work is finished before the set deadline.

Punch Cards

The business should implement a punch card policy. The employees should be required to get their cards punched when they enter or leave the office premises. This will help the business to keep a tab on the employees. It can be used to verify that the employees are actually coming to office. The business can use it to keep track the total number of hours the employees are working. They can also find out which employees are working more than others. They can use this information to provide appropriate bonuses to the employees who work more.

Reporting Policy

The company should make it easy for employees to report indiscipline by other employees. The employees should feel free to come forward and provide information regarding their own discipline and the discipline of the others to their superiors. This self-reporting can be good for the employees. They will feel that they are responsible for their own work and for the company as well. They will try to become more disciplined and honest to reduce the likelihood of being reported by others. The reporting can be done anonymously or in the form of surveys. The company should regularly conduct assessments to find out the level of discipline among the employees.


If it is detected that some employees are regularly undisciplined, then there should be some kind of punishment for them. The punishment can be in the form of fines, deduction of salary, demotion or termination. The punishment should be proportional to the amount of indiscipline and it should be given after a careful consideration. The employee should be allowed to present his side as well. He should be given a chance to explain his actions.

In conclusion, it can be said that employee indiscipline is a major factor behind a company’s losses and inefficiency. A company cannot afford to allow its employees to be undisciplined. Every company must have mechanisms for reporting and documenting employee indiscipline. The employees should be made aware of all of the company’s policies. The employees should know what the expectations are and what their role is. Only then will they give in their best effort and rise to the occasion. The company can benefit only if all the employees put in their best.

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