Background Checks Hit by Government Shutdown

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October 3, 2013 — 2,707 views  
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With the United States Government being shutdown for the past three days, many companies are wondering whether or not the background checks that are conducted will be affected by such a change. The shutdown occurred due to the fact that Congress were unable to pass an authorization for sufficient funds in order to process public operations. This means that except 'essential services', all other operations will be discontinued by the government. Some of the services such as National Weather Service, state run medical facilities, air traffic management and armed forces are still being continued even though the shutdown has occurred. So how has this state of affairs affected the background checks?

No E-Verify System

One of the major systems that businesses use to verify a citizen's immigration and employment status has stopped due to the government shutdown. The E-Verify system is one that checks if the individuals are legally allowed to work in the United States whether they are US citizens or foreign. Business users of this website have been denied access to their accounts while the shutdown is in force and have been advised that certain services will be unavailable to the employers. These services which have been discontinued include:

  • The Enrollment of Companies in E-verify.
  • Verification of the Individual's Employment eligibility.
  • The option to view or take action on a particular case.
  • Edit (Add or Delete) the user's ID.
  • Resetting of Passwords.
  • Editing of Company Information.
  • Termination of an Account with E-Verify.
  • Running of Reports.

In addition to this, the E-Verify Customer Support and any other services related to it have also been closed, which means that certain services will not be available for the employees as well. Employees will not able to resolve their Tentative non-confirmations, email and telephone support will be discontinued, E-verify training sessions and webinars have been canceled and the E-verify Self Check for individuals will be unavailable.

Temporary Policies

For the businesses and individuals to continue working in a proper manner, there are temporary policies that have been issued during this interim. Those business that have employed an individual and have not created a case in E-Verify three days later have been suspended till the shutdown ends. The period tentative non-confirmations has been extended, federal contractors should contact the contracting officer so that they inquire about their deadlines and employers are disallowed from taking action against an employee with regard to an interim case.

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