Video Interviewing in 2013

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September 4, 2013 — 2,451 views  
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Use of video as a source of communication has come a long way today. Gone are the days when online video sessions were used to get in touch with your distant family members and friends. Today they have turned out to be a major part of the talent acquisition cycle.

Numerous companies all over the globe are now using video interviewing to hire employees. Though it has not been long since this innovation came into the industry, it has still managed to emerge as one of the best practices in recruiting. It won’t be wrong to say that video interviewing has changed the whole way the talent acquisition team functions.

What Makes Video Interviewing Work for Both the Recruiters and The Candidates?

Firstly, video interviewing is not to be mistaken with a video resume. This concept did generate some excitement, but failed to work for the HR managers due to many of its drawbacks. But, video interviewing definitely looks promising. So what is it that makes it hit the target? Here is a look.

  • It Respects the Important Commitments of the Candidates

Video interviewing respects the time of the candidates and takes into consideration their commitments which may prevent them from appearing for a face to face interview. It saves them the hassles of traveling, scheduling their priorities for attending the interview, plus it cuts down on the cost too. Of course, it cannot replace the importance of a face to face interview. But it surely helps, at least in the initial process of recruitment.

  • It Helps in Reviewing the Interview

Probably one of the best advantages of video interviewing is that interviewers can record live interviews and review them to analyze the candidate. The recordings can also be sent to other prominent officers of the hiring or recruiting department who fail to make it to the video interview.

Recent Innovations in Video Interviewing

The technology behind video interviewing is constantly being developed and the industry has seen some major innovations recently.

  • Application for mobile video interviewing allows HR managers, talent acquisition professionals, and candidates to come together easily though their tablets and phones. 
  • Certain features in the video interview process allow the HR professionals to embed links into emails and other important networking posts.
  • This process of interviewing can be used by recruiters to even hire employees from other countries as it supports language localization as well as offers a 24/7 support system.

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