Time Management Tips - Strategies for Success

Ron Finkelstein
March 24, 2009 — 2,615 views  
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One cannot be successful in any field if he is not a disciplined in the area of time management, be he a student, an entrepreneur, or even a retired official. We have to stick some time schedule willy-nilly if we desire to succeed. Where business in concerned, one has to master the art of succeeding over unwelcome interruptions and concentrate on finishing his job on time. In this this write-up, I shall provide the cues for you to follow to ensure nothing comes in the way of your smooth execution of tasks and maintaining your deadlines.

First, you need to be in charge of your surroundings. It is important to eliminate sources of interruption. This means removing distracting objects such as non-essential computer screens or distracting trinkets, but it also means being in control of people that might cause distractions. This means making co-workers understand that you are not to be interrupted. In a home business, it means keeping distracting family members, especially children, at bay by whatever means are in your power. It means identifying the causes of interruption by family members and systematically providing fixes to eliminate these causes.

Then, you must to take steps that anticipate different situations so your company runs efficiently. When employees are involved, you must realize that other people's time is also important; you would do well to ensure that your employees also make effective use of their time. The simple reality is that , poor preparation and strategy routinely result in interruptions

You must compartmentalize the activities of your business and delegate the duties in such a way that there is no confusion entailing unnecessary waste of time. For instance, every means to quicker completion of the task should be accessible to all workers. Giving a particular task to a worker who is disinclined, would be a needless waste of time. He will simply be running hither and thither in search of help or may simply prolong the work or could even come to you as a last resort. By then you would have realized the futility of handing him the task. Identify such stumbling blocks which might impede your progress, in advance. If you manage to do that, you will maximize your outputs as you have already put preemptive measures in place.

Thirdly, you need to have a focus for your business. This means keeping in mind the departments (if you are involved with a large business) or simply tasks (if you are running a small business) that affect the profit the business achieves. These areas are aspects of the business such as marketing, purchases, and product development. These areas are where your time and energy should be focused because ultimately profit is what you are shooting for. By making a plan for each essential area you identify, you will achieve a focus for your efforts will keep on task.

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Ron Finkelstein is a small business owner who improved his Time Management Training. If you liked this time management tip, you might like the Eisenhower Method or some more of my Tips for Time Management

Ron Finkelstein