Human Capital: Modern Tools and Strategies For Human Resources

Byron Mackelroy
March 18, 2009 — 2,612 views  
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Winston Churchill once said, "Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have." An organization, be it a country or a company, is only as strong as the people who drive the process and agenda for that organization. In the modern business environment, Human capital is the driving force behind success and in many cases failure.

The modern global economy has brought down barriers and opened up the market place. Under the mounting competitive pressures, many managers lose sight of their most valuable asset, their people. When it comes to employees, I trust the old business adage that an A class person with a B class product will always outperform a B class person with an A class product. Managers need to step back, take a breath and focus on 'who' will help take their company to the next level.

The art of human resources focuses on attracting the right talent for a job and keeping them happy. Hiring managers need to determine who is qualified and which qualified prospects mesh with their organizational culture. Large companies and growing companies have the additional problem that their hiring managers tend to have a limit amount of time to focus on the hiring process. This situation can lead to substandard job applicant reviews, less attention to specific experience and a lack of emphasis on cultural fit.

Managing the hiring process has never been easier. With the advent of job posting sites including Hotjobs, Monster, Dice and even Craigslist, most organizations have a convenient outlet to reach out and post their employment opportunities. Getting the message out does not mean you have the internal experience base to help refine the candidates and pick the perfect employee. Third party recruiting specialist can provide the expertise necessary to filter your prospects and handpick the people who make it through to the interview process. Recruiting software, a recent innovation in the hiring field, leverages all of the advantages of experienced recruiters and enables your internal hiring manager to maximize the returns on their efforts. From streamlined work flow to advanced applicant management systems, modern recruiting software tools can give you a clear competitive advantage in the hiring market.

Ensure your success by hiring quality, reliable people. Combat the pressures of the modern economy with modern technology. By empowering your hiring managers with cutting-edge tools, you can cut down on time spent on the hiring process and ensure your new employees are the right fit for your company. Investing in the foundation of your human capital is the best strategy for long term success.

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