Risks Associated with Employees Using Mobile Devices

March 29, 2012 — 1,962 views  
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Workers' compensation is a fairly complex issue in and of itself. When associated with modern workplace trends, such as the prevalence of working remotely using mobile devices including laptops, tablet computers and smartphones, it can become an even murkier topic. Professionals dealing with matters of workers compensation should be aware of the added complexities introduced by mobile devices.

Due to the relatively novel nature of telecommuting, there is little legal precedent regarding the culpability of an employer for workers who are injured while performing work-related tasks with mobile devices.

According to Business Insurance, some firms may be particularly reluctant to accept responsibility for such claims. This likely stems from fears that opening the door to similar claims will turn them into an accepted norm, regardless of the circumstances surrounding each incident.

As such, companies that rely heavily on employees who work remotely should establish a concrete policy regarding compensation for injuries sustained under those circumstances. Whether the measures adopted permit or deny such claims, the language used to establish them should be ironclad from a legal standpoint. It should leave no room for misinterpretation and ideally prevent the development of contentious workers' compensation claims that lead to long, drawn-out litigious processes.