Strategies to Encourage Employees to Take Their Spouse's Insurance

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October 4, 2012 — 2,256 views  
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Helping an employee decide on what benefits are best for them and their family can be a daunting task, especially when the employee has little knowledge of how insurance works. When an employee is considering adding their spouse to their insurance, there are a few factors that need to be considered by the employee before they make their decision. 

Preventing Confusion

One of the worst possible scenarios is each spouse having their own insurance plan and getting the two mixed up. Some people may have a false confidence that they know exactly what their plan covers, while the reality is that they are thinking of their spouse's insurance. This leads to confusion that can end up costing thousands when a test is done that an insurance provider does not actually cover. Having a single insurance plan for both spouses eliminates this confusion and allows employees to be sure of what is covered in their plan.

Save Money

Encouraging an employee to add their spouse to their insurance can also save the employee money. In many instances one spouse will have better insurance than the other. When one insurance plan is better it only makes sense to sign up both spouses. The small addition to the premium every month will often be offset by the greater cost savings on medical bills. This can total thousands in savings every year and allow spouses to receive more comprehensive medical treatment if needed.

Guarantee Insurance Regardless of Spouse Employment Status

When an employee adds a spouse to a medical plan it acts as an insurance policy against the loss of coverage for the spouse. If the employee's spouse suddenly becomes unemployed or is unable to find work there is little hope that they will be able to find affordable insurance on their own. Adding a spouse guarantees that they will be covered should medical needs arise in the future.

Same Network of Doctors and Specialists

Having the ability to see the same doctors and specialists is a key part in promoting overall health. While a family doctor may be covered by the employee, the spouse's insurance plan may not. Being able to see the same doctors ensures that factors involving the whole family can be considered if a medical condition arises. This prevents lengthy documentation transfers between doctors that can extend the amount of time needed to make a diagnosis.

Adding a spouse to an employee's insurance plan is a great way to protect the health of the employee and their family. This will result in higher productivity that will be seen throughout the whole of the workplace. This will create an environment that is better for the employee both at home and their place of work.

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