Small Business Culture and Team Work Can Learn a Lot from FedEx

Lance Winslow
November 22, 2011 — 1,830 views  
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There are so many books on corporate culture sometimes I just want to gag, and of course this is coming from me, a no-hold-bar bootstrap, kick-butt, and take no prisoners entrepreneur. And yes, I can say all that with a straight face because my personal business library is filled with books on the topic.

Sometimes I wonder if there are more psychology professors in the business department at Harvard University than actual retired entrepreneurs who've made it happen in the real world, and mind you I am not picking on that college, one of ancestors helped found it. You see, I suspect this problem is pervasive throughout the business schools in this great nation, which leads the world in capitalism.

Okay enough critique for one article, let's talk about your small business and its culture, climate, and team atmosphere. Are you in it to win it? Or are you just trying to keep the peace, please everyone, and smile at all the customers like a good little community small business person should. Again, don't get me wrong, yes, do need to do those things too, but you also have to get with the program and educate yourself on what it takes to maintain maximum efficiency to win markets.

And with that said let me recommend a very good book I think that you should read; Fred Smith's "The World on Time" - this is a great book for the topic of team building, special team theory, and blitzing the tasks in a business during times of controlled chaos. He's right. This is apropos for any service business, or specialty manufacturing, even if he is using this concept for hub-and-spoke overnight package delivery. Anyway, you will have several "Ah Ha" moments while reading it.

It's time to get the lead out rifle your business back into place - first place - don't forget Vince Lombardi either - now get out there and kick-butt - let's puts some points on the board. Please email me if you have any more questions, think on it.


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