Moving Payroll to the Cloud

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March 15, 2013 — 2,307 views  
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Cloud computing has positioned itself as a standard method to perform software operations for a large number of businesses now. It has many significant benefits over the traditional methods, including cost savings. It is basically a system through which applications and software programs are analyzed and used via an internet connection. The Internet is actually referred to as the “cloud”. Multiple servers based in a multitude of locations host the software. Many users in the same organization can get access to the software simultaneously and from various locations using the internet.

Greater Control

Cloud technologies can provide more control over the HR data and payroll in an organization. New cloud-based solutions for payrolls provide access to the in-house teams to updated information throughout the month. This enables managers to consistently keep track of information like holiday entitlements, payrolls, and absence data, and take the required action.

Apart from providing a greater control over the data flow, cloud solutions also allow a greater degree of employee and manager self-service functionality. Employees and line managers can access, look through, and then update the data at any time and from anywhere.

Cloud solutions can enhance the reliability and security of data when compared to other types of hybrid or in-house solutions. All the collected information is placed in secure centers that have engineers on hand to immediately fix problems that may arise.

Cloud solution providers give a much required reassurance to payroll professionals. The professionals can be sure that whatever output comes, it will be in compliance with the various laws and authorities. The service provider has full responsibility of keeping track of any changes, and the service provider takes the responsibility off the shoulders of the in-house staff, thus giving them more time to concentrate on strategic and value added tasks.

Transforming Interaction

The way HR, finance, and payroll teams interact with databases and corporate systems has been transformed by cloud technology. The result of this can be seen in the increasing popularity of online leave requests and electronic pay slips.

Payroll apps have gained in prominence due to their effectiveness and ease of use. The App Store of Apple has already come up with a free version of a payroll app, and this has become highly popular among business professionals. This app lets the payroll managers perform the same daily task that they do in their offices, right from their mobile device by accessing the password-protected app.

Vital Tool

The accuracy and efficiency of the payroll process has improved by a large margin with the introduction of new cloud based payroll solutions. Technology allows you to choose from more solutions, and varying degrees of service that are created to suit specific business needs. The ability of cloud technology to provide predictable and accessible subscription model along with better access and security has made it a much coveted tool in today's world. Cloud technologies can be made use of to streamline the process of payroll management and makes the work for managers easier.

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