Advantages of Paperless Payroll

April 11, 2012 — 2,139 views  
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Even though they represented an important development in finances and accounting, paper checks have already gone out of date and seem like relics of the past. That's because so many companies are turning to paperless payrolls to distribute employees' salaries. Besides being good for the environment, there are some important benefits to this kind of system.

The most salient is the fact paychecks can't ever go missing. Businesses won't have to worry about workers claiming they misplaced their pay and won't need to reissue hard copies after verifying the money was lost.

It's also helpful to use a paperless payroll because it makes financial information available to pertinent staff members. Accounting departments and human resource divisions won't have to maintain cumbersome paper records that are hard to keep track of and can become disorganized very easily.

Additionally, a paperless payroll makes it simple for staff members themselves to view their own statements and records. Rather than contacting the appropriate HR representatives and plowing through a great deal of red tape, they can simply log on to a company payroll website and see when their checks when through.