It's Time to Pay Attention to Personnel

Richard J. Hohmann, Jr.
January 30, 2009 — 2,406 views  
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We should never lose sight of the fact that people make a company what it is today and what it will be tomorrow. Also, we should not forget our people in the development and organizational sense as well as the retention situation. Have we taken our people for granted? Like other industries, the employee in the Home Healthcare market does not always feel as passionate as the owner about the mission of the organization, and they may be confused about how they fit in to the organization's changing future. Many employees are becoming discouraged when they hear or read about the industry's problems relative to reimbursement schedules and the expense involved with quality service.

In all types of industries, the training and development of the employee is usually ranked first or second by most surveys listing the Top Five Methods to increase employee retention. Seventy three percent of all companies provide Leadership Development Programs, with Team Building, and Empowerment Programs right behind. However, in the Home Healthcare Industry, many of the key executives, managers, and supervisors in a Home Health Care company are licensed professionals with extensive clinical backgrounds, but they possess very little in the way of formal management training. Is it like this for your company? This business is simple. For example: Take orders for products that patients need that are justified medically necessary and an approved modality by the payer following confirmation of the patient's benefits and coverage. Process the order after it has met all the qualifications. Deliver such product in a timely manner with minimal expense and upon receipt of acknowledgement of delivery, bill the appropriate payer and await the payment that normally takes approximately 85 days or more. Phew!

How many people in your company get involved in any of those above processes? Isn't now the time to develop both your people and organization simultaneously to improve productivity and profitability through training and education. Leadership starts at the top. The application, both philosophical and practical, of this type of training must be instilled in all managers and supervisors by the executive team. Many companies suffering from the normal industry problems can provide resolution to such by looking at organizational and personnel development that can lead to enhanced performance with improved productivity. There is no better time than now for the small or medium sized business owner is to start acting like a real leader and develop your people to make your company stronger to handle this highly competitive environment.

Leadership Management Programs are available in presentation, seminar, or spaced- repetition formats. A spaced - repetition program is convenient for most management in the fact that the time required for presentation will allow the manager to miss the least amount of time from the office. It also will provide multi sensory impact, compliment the classroom activities with audio reinforcement, and allow the participant to complete assignments at home or at work. More importantly, it has been demonstrated that participants completing such programs implement more course techniques into their daily work activities and change many of their current behavioral processes. Almost any program, product, or process can be customized to meet the needs of your company. Every member on your management team should participate in a Leadership Management Program custom designed to compliment your mission, vision, and values. Quality management starts at the top and the best way to demonstrate such is to "lead by example".

About the Author

Article written by Richard J. Hohmann Jr., Senior Business and Management Consultant for Innovative Leadership, a strategic partner with Fitzpatrick, Bongiovanni, & Kelly, PC, and also a member of the Collaboration Team for Leadership Management International. For more information on our management training visit or call 609-390-2830.

Richard J. Hohmann, Jr.