Increase Goal Commitment By Focusing On Positive Results For Employees

Barbara Brown PhD
January 30, 2009 — 2,513 views  
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It's the beginning of the year; a time for setting new workplace goals. But how do you get your employees to accept, or better yet, embrace those goals? You explain how achieving goals can positively impact employees. This involves answering the "what's in it for me" question. In other words, you give employees a personal reason for doing their best. Consider these three ideas:

Visibility, Recognition, or Praise: While every employee will not crave the same level of positive accolades, employees generally want to receive acknowledgement for a job well done. Think about employee comments that involve complaints regarding "lack of recognition." See if anything you are trying to achieve will offer results in this area.

Improved Communication: You have undoubtedly heard employees complain about poor communication or miscommunication. Sometimes those situations can be improved by a change in procedures or processes. Examine your goals for anything that could create a positive change in the information employees' receive, how they receive it, or when they receive it.

Improved Working Conditions: There are probably instances where employees mention things that don't work well or items that could be improved. This could include everything from how they receive work to the number of meetings they have to attend. See if your goals contain improvements in workplace or workflow practices.

Goals Offer Improvements For Everyone

You are aware of your organization's goals. You are also aware of your employees' goals. Look for situations where the achievement of one goal will result in the achievement of another. When you find this connection, use it to encourage positive performance. That way, you are not just assuming that employees will do their best to achieve your goals. You are giving them a reason to "want" to do their best.

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