Why Projected Goals Are Key to Leadership Development

Dr. Richard C. Baiz D.B.A.
January 23, 2009 — 2,268 views  
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The true desire and intent of my writings is to help people and organizations solve dilemmas and challenges pose before them. Many of us do work from the perspective of take things one step at a time, one day at a time moment by moment. I am not saying this is bad or unhealthy, as I have found those whom take things a bit more at ease seem to be quite content, with a blood pressure of 117 over 70, which I guess for them could be quite ideal. However, in the real world success is difficult to reach if you never turn on those inner excel orators and prepare for the future. Like there is a lot to be said about history, likewise there is a lot to be said about the future. And so, futuristic thinking requires the somewhat overwhelming thought of all that has to get done and what it might be like ten years from now.

Usually, when we talk about the future what comes to mind: career, a home, happiness with a mate, finances, health, well you get the point the list goes on and on. In my view taking a look at the future and having the foresight of what is before is critically important in forming your thinking toward success. As a matter of fact, I don't believe one should from 0 to 10 year thinking without going through three, five and then a ten year goal setting venture. While doing so identify and study your surroundings and ask the pertinent questions of where do you want to be and settle or set your foundation; this will be important in the venture of your pathway to the future. You see, you are the engineer and the architect to your career path and make a determination what will it take to reach your goal.

Let's take a brief look at what might be before you ten years from and what people's concerns for the future may be typical concerns for most us, for example is housing; housing is a pretty important issue, right? We all need a house to live in what will that be like based on some studies ten years from now. Housing is a fluctuating finance issues that require timing and location and luck. One thing is for sure you probably would like to have a "home". Therefore think of revenue resources, timing and location and you should do fine; be careful with expansion until you on solid finance ground and the housing market look pretty solid.

Salary, finances and expenditures; depending on where you want to be ten years from now review the salary you desire with where you want to be ten years from now. What standard of living do you desire and where do you desire to reside. These are important question to start asking yourself as one is molding the career pathway your venture onto.

And I haven't even touched on savings, a rainy day fund for emergencies or retirement issues. The factor to keep in mind at this point is to: start thinking, planning and executing as you go along. Step by step but with a vision.

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