Will You and Your Employees Walk the Talk

Nancy Stampahar
January 15, 2009 — 2,139 views  
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Have your actions been matching your words? Have the employees in your organization been getting their work completed in the ways its desired values are written? If your answer is "no" to either of these questions, you and your organization are most likely experiencing performance issues and not reaching an optimal potential.

Since values demonstrate "how" you do what you do, your daily decisions and actions portray your ways of being and doing. Values shape behaviors and help to ensure your vision comes to fruition with the most effective and efficient approaches. They answer the questions, "How do we get our work done around here?", or "How do I build a relationship with someone?", or "How do we function as a team or family?".

Examples of Values
Accountability and Empowerment
Collaboration and Teamwork
Communication and Negotiation
Customer Service
Flexibility and Open-mindfulness
Fun and Laughter
Kindness and Respect
Self-awareness and Self-direction
Personal and Professional Development
Quality of Outcomes

To determine your desired values, ask yourself, "What competencies and traits do I want my employees or my own character to demonstrate?". Next, list the specific behaviors that will be observed and measured according to your desired competencies and traits. Finally, you must walk the talk and make your actions match your words.

When you decide to live and work according to your desired values, your responses and activities will be more effective and efficient, which will bring you greater fulfillment and less stress. You will begin making daily decisions that mirror your values. You will make your vision and desired outcomes come true.

Remember, it's never too late to get happy!

About the Author

Nancy Stampahar is a sought-after organizational development consultant, trainer, and speaker, with a degree in human resource management, and the author of peace, love and lemonade: a recipe to make your life sweeter, Stampahar owns and directs Silver Lining Solutions, a consulting firm that specializes in adversity/change management, assertiveness/conflict resolution, empowerment, leadership, and team building. Visit: http://www.silverliningsolutions.com

Nancy Stampahar