Are You and Your Employees Motivated and Taking Initiative

Nancy Stampahar
January 7, 2009 — 2,492 views  
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Apathy and complacency can spread through an organization, like the plague. It is easy to catch if employees are not motivated to work. Take the initiative to spring ahead with fresh action steps that will increase your employees' motivation levels, and yours. Although, you must realize that no one can motivate another person except for the person who is to be motivated. Motivation is an inside job. However, there are ways to create environments that are motivating, which will empower personal and professional initiative-taking.

If initiative is defined by doing something without being asked, the following can guide individuals to determine how they can take action:

1. Set and execute short and long-term goals based on what excites you in addition to what your manager suggests.
2. Offer solutions with implementation action steps when expressing complaints.
3. Streamline processes as needed.
4. Learn new skills and share knowledge with others.
5. Fix things when they start to break.
6. Find answers to problems.
7. Document problems and issues to avoid making the same mistake again.
8. Document projects to avoid reinventing the wheel.
9. Embrace challenging tasks and projects.
10. Practice calculated risk-taking.

Since Gallup surveys have shown continuously that people leave bosses, not companies, develop effective managers and performance management practices to increase morale and reduce the costly repercussions of employee turnover. These organizational development activities will establish motivating environments. Even in today's doing-more-with-less workplace operations, working can be more fulfilling and engaging. How would you and your employees honestly answer the questions: "What is it like to work around here?" or "Do people really want to work for me?". Get motivated and take the initiative to find the answers.

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