Attitude: The Power of Positive in the Workplace

Mary Jane Paris
December 22, 2008 — 4,047 views  
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Have you ever thought about how your attitude affects… Personality, work performance, career success, and teamwork? Your employees, customers, relationships and work environment? Bottom-line results?

It all starts with attitude! A positive attitude is a priceless possession for personal fulfillment, career success and essential for creating a positive workplace. What is the first thing you remember about someone you meet? Chances are it's their attitude!

Let's face it… no one can be positive all of the time! Events, circumstances, and messages - both positive and negative - can affect your attitude. What we do know is that a positive attitude makes problem solving easier and the more you expect from a situation, the more success you will achieve.

A major change had taken place in recent years in the workforce: the generational and cultural mix of employees has become more diversified, complex and competitive - with comparable resources, including people. People with a positive attitude are looking up and forward and are more likely to work to higher standards of quality, safety, and productivity - individually and as a team. Working near a person with a positive attitude is an energizing experience; they can change the tone and morale of the department and make others feel more upbeat. It's infectious! During the selection process, watch closely and hire for attitude. The mechanics of the job can be taught. A company gets its edge from the attitude of its people - from top to bottom. Employees who feel valued and appreciated will most likely be more engaged. The higher the engagement levels, the more their attitude barometer rises and the more business results improve. Building and maintaining healthy, effective relationships in all directions - with people you work for, with colleagues, and with those who work for you - is a key to success. Did you know that more business successes are won on attitude than technical achievement?

By keeping our power and being aware of our own attitude and choices, we can protect ourselves from external circumstances and people's negativity. Remember: Your attitude belongs to you and you alone!

So, be open to new people, ideas and processes that create positive changes. We need to understand and work effectively with all the labor resources and points of view - why? Because it all affects bottom-line results!

A wise person once said, "If you place more emphasis on keeping a positive attitude than on making money, you'll be successful and the money will take care of itself."

A Positive Workplace Means Business! TM

About the Author

Mary Jane (MJ) Paris, Founder and President of Positive Impact Consulting Services, LLC in Shelton, CT, brings a broad base of more than 25 years experience to her practice. With a focus on "The Positive Workplace," MJ specializes in leadership and professional development programs, speaking engagements, and small business coaching that bring "Positive Energy" to your workplace.

Mary Jane Paris