Human Resource Management.....Punishment or Pleasure?

J Smith
December 16, 2008 — 3,678 views  
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For those who are responsible for Human Resources, you know what I am talking about, for those of you that have not ever had the "pleasure" of Human Resource work, please allow me to explain. Your HR manager plays a vital role in your business. I-9's, Social Security issues, Workers Compensation benefits, these are just a few of the responsibilities in which they are held accountable. However, in many small and medium sized businesses, the HR person usually wears more than one hat. They are often also the accounting department, office manager, or owner. As we all know, wearing multiple hats can lead to a lack of attending to the "less" urgent matters (i.e. HR) Human Resources is a highly organized, carefully documented, area of expertise. In the lawsuit-happy world that we live in today, management of your Human Resource Department should be at the top of the priority list. One must never be to careful at the wording of their employee handbook, safety manual, or fire/emergency evacuation plan.

To assess if you have handle on your HR department you should ask yourself these questions:

Where are my employee files right now?

What is in my employee's file? I-9, 1099, W-4, copies of 2 forms of ID, emergency contact information, and benefits paperwork are just standard paperwork that should be in your files at all times.

Absentee records, timekeeping, and disciplinary records- are they kept up to date?

Is your benefits administration information up to date?

What is contained in your employee handbook? Are you protecting yourself and creating a fair environment for your employees?

Workers Compensation-who handles your paperwork with the state? Who administers your protocol?

OSHA record keeping-if you are industrial, who is your officer and what lines of communication does the officer have with your HR manager?

Is your commercial insurance handled in your HR department? If it is not, it should be.

Are you registered with the new government website to verify your employee's social security numbers?

Unfortunately, this is just a scratch in the surface. No matter the size of the company, Human Resources is a vital area of business. Your employees deserve to have their information protected and their rights preserved. At PSS Enterprises, we can make sure this happens. We will update and organize all your HR information, store employee information in a secure database for easy access. We can review all handbooks and manuals for gaps in coverage and verify that your business as well as your employees are protected. PSS Enterprises can create a safety program for those industrial companies that do not have one as well as inform you of all the information you need to have to keep you OSHA compliant. PSS Enterprises will take care of the details that often slip through the cracks and offer you peace of mind. Business owners have to consider cost and options when it comes to handling this department. We assure you that we are timely, efficient, and current on all the latest practices of effective Human Resource Management at a fraction of the cost of employing a full time HR Manager. Call us at 1-800-285-2448 for an assessment and visit us online at for all the other B2B services that we offer.

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