Team Building - How To Build Effective Work Teams

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December 2, 2008 — 2,767 views  
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Corporate Team building is beneficial not only in improving the work environment but also glorifies the personal life and personality of a person. Decision making, enhancement in communication skills and self confidence are some important factors that help in minimizing stress and refreshing ones ability to think and adjust to the surroundings.

People in every workplace talk about team building activities ideas, but only a few understand how to develop and work as an effective team. Thus it is very important to organize team building events exercises workshops at regular intervals. Working as a team is a feeling that makes you realize your importance as a team member and gives you a feeling of being something larger than yourself. And this feeling in turn leads to the better understanding of company's goals and objectives. Corporate drumming can be a good team building exercise to inspire and motivate teams of people.

Now the question arises-How can you self diagnose that you team efforts are living up to your expectations?. And a very simple answer is to prepare a check list. A focused work team that produces effective results requires attention to each of the following

1. Commitment: Is team mission important to the team members? Are they dedicatedly participating to accomplish team's mission. Do team members perceive their service as valuable to the organization and to their own careers?

2. Clear Expectations: Do team members understand why the team was created? Does the work of the team receive sufficient emphasis as a priority in terms of the time, discussion, attention and interest directed its way by executive leaders?

3. Context: Does the team understand where its work fits in the total context of the organization's goals, principles, vision and values? Do the team members understand how the strategy of organizing teams will help organization in accomplishing goals?

4. Control: Does the team have enough freedom and empowerment to feel the ownership necessary to accomplish its charter? At the same time, do team members clearly understand their boundaries?

If team executives have an answer to all these questions, they understand the behavior of their team members and are surely leading a successful team. A known corporate fun team building drumming franchise can take individual contributions and mould them into one piece of music leading delegates on an unforgettable musical journey, where laughter and elation is achieved in a high energy interactive performance.

In a team-oriented environment, you contribute to the overall success of the organization. Developing an overall sense of team work is different from building an effective, focused work team when you consider team building approaches.

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