Good Recruitment Interviewing Skills Training Make Recruiting the Right Person Easy

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November 14, 2008 — 3,138 views  
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When you invest in new staff, you want to make the wisest decisions possible. It is in your best interest to make sure that the decision you make is made on an informed basis which has been brought about by the training you have received for recruitment interviewing skills. It is time well spent reviewing resumes and conducting informative interviews to make sure you hire the best people for the job. When you hire the right people to begin with, you will save yourself a substantial amount of time hiring and training replacement staff down the road. The more skillful you become at recruitment interviewing skills the easier you will make the recruitment and management process.

By hiring the right people, you will also be saving your company recruiting and training costs. As a leader, your company trusts you to interview and hire staff that will benefit the company. Let's discuss these and other reasons in further detail.

7 Reasons to Hire the Right People the First Time:

1. You will save yourself time interviewing, training and hiring down the road. It takes a lot of time (and money) to advertise open positions, review resumes, screen applicants, set up interviews, conduct the interviews, extend offers, and then start training the new staff. The less time you have to spend doing this work, the more time you can spend leading, motivating, developing and training your team.

2. You will save the company recruiting and training costs. Just think of all the people that a new staff member spends time training with:

* A Human Resource manager to go over paper work and company policies. * Yourself or a trainer to go over on the job coaching and training. * Fellow staff members for job shadowing. * A corporate trainer for soft skills training. * A trainer for technical training.

That is a lot of time and as they say time is money. If your recruitment interview skills produce a staff member who is willing to contribute to the company's success, then the time is well spent. If the new staff member is not excited about his job, or worse hates his job, then it is time (and again money) wasted.

3. You will increase productivity and have less hassle as you try and ramp up new employees. When through correct recruitment interview skills you hire the right person the first time, your business will experience an increase in productivity. The new staff member will be motivated to jump in and learn! Once all your staff members are in place, you won't see your time being wasted from constantly having an empty chair to fill.

4. You will increase customer satisfaction. New staff members who have been recruited correctly through the best practices of recruitment interviewing skills techniques will be easily trained in your ways of doing things, they will be open to learning and training. It will be easy for you to train them how to handle a wide range of customer service situations. Eventually they will need little assistance from you. Customers will appreciate their courtesy, professionalism, and efficiency. If you are constantly recruiting and interviewing new staff, you will have more customer complaints about unknowledgeable, unhelpful, and inefficient staff.

5. You will increase morale and see less distraction. There is no doubt about it; a high turnover causes quite a bit of distraction among other staff members. There are questions floating around about why the staff member left, if he was terminated, if there is going to be layoffs, etc. If it is the case where you had to terminate the staff member, (even if the staff member had to be replaced because you got it wrong through poor recruitment interviewing skills) other staff members will wonder who's next? This distraction decreases morale and can negatively impact the entire department. When the right people are in place, morale is high and there is much less distraction.

6. You will build team spirit. Staff members that know each other, enjoy working together, and are motivated by a leader (you!) build a strong bond powerful, dynamic team spirit. It is more difficult to build this team spirit when the members of the team are constantly changing and you are spending all your time on recruitment interviewing.

7. You will give your company a good reputation. Applicants often ask about a companies staff turnover rate. When you have a low turnover rate, your company will gain the reputation as an employer with a first-class reputation for looking after their people. In fact many companies are now finding it is money well spent training their leaders and managers in recruitment interviewing skills and saving money on recruitment costs.

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