What is there to know about EFCA?

Jhoana Cooper
October 28, 2008 — 2,485 views  
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Politics is always a touchy subject, and if any conversation about politics should ever be started, there is no end to the torturous paths it may take. However, there is an aspect of politics that should interest us very much, and that is about the specific laws that are passed and how they affect us.

Any laws that pass are meant to affect us in one way or another. Whether they are increasing taxes, lower wages or influence our rights, there is always something that will submit us to some changes. Because of this you should always be aware of the content of any law and what will be changes in your life because of it. Let's talk about one of the bills that are meant to influence employees and employers in America.

The Employee Free Choice Act is something that can alter the employment system in America significantly. This is something you should know about and what aspects are included in it, how they could help or harm you or how they can influence your activities.

First of all the Employee Free Choice Act addresses the option of employees to organize in unions in order for their interests to be represented by third parties with the management of the companies in which they work. This isn't so bad considering that the voice of unions which represents the interests of a lot of workers holds greater importance than the voice of a single person.

According to EFCA, the union will be selected through card check by default. This option means that workers will be required to sign a form or card which authorizes the formation of the union. The workers won't be given a chance to do this through a traditional secret ballot election. Thus they could be exposed to various methods of coercion into signing for or against unions.

Bargaining must begin within 10 days after the union has been chosen as the exclusive representative. EFCA states that within a period of 90 days they have to reach an agreement. After that another 30 days will be mediated by a representative of the FMCS, and if no agreement is reached, the federal arbitrator will write the contract.

As protection for employees, the EFCA imposes some drastic measures against employers that are believed to discriminate employees, threaten to do so or engage in any activities that interfere with the rights of the workers to organize in unions.

Also, the Employee Free Choice Act states that an employer that engages in this type of activities is required to pay three times the amount of back pay in damages to a worker illegally fired. There is also a 20,000 dollar fine that the employer might be required to pay for each violation.

Opinions regarding the Employee Free Choice Act are divided. In order to fully understand the contents of this bill, you need to do a little research on your own and determine whether it is helpful or not, or if it serves your interests.

There are lots of sources you can choose to gather information. It is also good to find out about more opinions regarding EFCA and draw your own conclusions. With this being said, you should visit the website lrionline.com and see what others say about this.

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These are basic aspects of the Employee Free Choice Act. If you want know more information about the influences EFCA might have upon the American employment system, be sure to visit the website mentioned afore.

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