Cynthia Stamer

Cynthia Marcotte Stamer, is nationally and internationally recognized for her work assisting businesses, governments, and other entities to develop creative strategies for dealing with employee benefit and related human resources, insurance, health care and finance concerns. Ms. Stamer helps businesses design, administer and defend cost-effective employee benefit other human resources programs, policies and procedures to meet their budgetary and other business objectives.

An attorney board certified in Labor & Employment law, Ms. Stamer is frequently sought out for her experience assisting public and private employers, staffing and outsourcing companies, insurers and others to coordinate and properly manage the risks and relationships between labor and employment, employee benefit plans and ERISA, outsourcers and other vendors, corporate risk management, insurance and health care matters. Ms. Stamer applies her extensive experience regarding employment, employee benefit, tax, and other related laws to assists clients in a wide range of business and litigation contexts. Ms. Stamer regularly advises employers, plan administrators, insurers, managed care providers and others about the design, implementation, administration, and defense of self-insured and insured employee health and other employee benefit, workers' compensation, and employment practices. She also has extensive experience advising and representing employers about the use, documentation, and design of employment, outsourcing, contract labor, administrative service and other services contracts and relationships, severance, non-competition agreements and other similar arrangements, workforce reduction and re-engineering strategies and procedures including severance pay arrangement, employee waivers, early retirement windows and other incentive retirement arrangements, settlement agreements, and other risk-management strategies and compliance obligations under COBRA, WARN, discrimination, and other applicable laws. Moreover, Ms. Stamer also advises and assists clients to implement human resource-related changes arising out of corporate mergers, acquisitions, reductions-in-force, and other significant corporate and business events. In this regard, Ms. Stamer drafts and amends personnel policies, employee communications, employee benefit plans and other related documents, advises and assists clients regarding the organization of employee meetings, and provides other assistance with the details required to implement human resource decisions and changes. Ms. Stamer also regularly provides advice to organizations about statutory and regulatory employment, health, immigration, employee benefit, tax worker's compensation, pension, social security, education, and other legislative and regulatory reforms in the United States and other nations and has assisted government and private clients to design and craft legislation and regulations in these and other areas. For instance, she served as a principle legal advisor to the Government of Bolivia on the crafting and drafting of legislation to reform and privatize its pension and social security system.

In the rapidly changing health care/employee benefit environment, Ms. Stamer also regularly helps a wide range of clients to design, negotiate, draft, and evaluate health benefit plans, wellness and disability management and insurance programs, contracts and agreements and to design, administer and defend those programs. Examples of these include self-insured and insured health and other employee benefit plans, managed care contracts, insurance and HMO contracts, administration agreements, staffing and a wide range of other managed care agreements. Ms. Stamer also advises many clients, including insurance companies, plan sponsors, third-party administrators, employee leasing and staffing companies, hospitals, physicians, health maintenance organizations, preferred provider organizations, and other managed care providers, and insurance and employee benefits consultants about a wide range of health care, regulatory compliance, and other matters. She has worked extensively with health care providers, health plan sponsors, third party administrators, health insurers, and their vendors to comply with applicable HIPAA, claims and prompt pay, and other federal and state laws and regulations.

Listed in the International Who's Who of Professionals, Ms. Stamer plays a leadership and is an active member of numerous human resources, health care and civic organizations. Ms. Stamer presently serves as the Vice Chair of the American Bar Association (ABA) Real Property, Probate & Trust Section's Welfare Benefit Plan Committee, Chair of the ABA Health Law Section's Managed Care & Insurance Interest Group, and Vice Chair of the ABA Tort & Insurance Practice Section Worker's Compensation Committee. She is a past Chair of the Dallas Bar Association's Executive Compensation and Employee Benefit Committee. She also has founded the Patient Empowerment and numerous other initiatives to improve and promote the affordability, accessibility and quality of health care and health care coverage in her role as the immediate Past President and Board Member of the Alliance for Healthcare Excellence, a coalition of employers, insurers, and health care providers to improve and promote access to quality affordable health care. As a current Dallas Board member, and a former member of the State Executive Committee, State Board member and Regional Chair of the Texas Association of Businesses & Chambers of Commerce, Ms. Stamer works as an advocate for business in health and employee benefit, worker's compensation, human resources, education and other public policy reform matters.

Ms. Stamer also plays an active role in the Labor, Tax, Tort & Insurance Practice, and Health Law Sections of the American Bar Association and the Employee Benefits Committee and Health Law, Labor and Employment Law, Insurance Law and Tax Sections of the Texas, Arizona and Dallas Bar Associations, the Southwest Benefits Association, and the Dallas Benefits Society, the Self-Insurance Institute of America, the American Management Association, the American Compensation Association, the Society For Human Resources Management, the American Health Lawyers Association, the International Foundation of Certified Employee Benefits Specialists, an adjunct faculty member for the University of Dallas Graduate School of Management, as a Whistle stop Speaker for WEB, A Network of Benefits Professionals and is active in numerous other organizations and committees. She also previously has served on the Board of Directors of the Southwest Benefits Association, the Dallas Benefits Society, the SHRM Consultants Forum, the Richardson Development Center for Children and numerous other organizations. She also previously has served on the Board of Directors of the Southwest Benefits Association, the Dallas Benefits Society, the SHRM Consultants Forum, the Dallas Council on World Affairs, the Richardson Development Center for Children and numerous other organizations. She regularly conducts speaks and authors works for these and many other organizations.

Ms. Stamer also presently serves or previously has served member of the Editorial Advisory Board of several publications, including the human resources, employee benefits and health care related publications of The Bureau of National Affairs and Health Care & Compliance Quarterly Her insights on health and employment matters have been widely published and quoted in numerous national and local publications including the Wall Street Journal, the Dallas Morning News, Business Insurance, and a host of other publications. She is a widely published and highly sought after author of numerous publications on health care, employment, employee benefit and other human resources matters, as well as a wide range of other related topics.

Ms. Stamer is a popular speaker and widely published author and regularly serves as an adjunct faculty member of several college, university, and seminar faculties including publications and presentations for the American Bar Association, World At Work, Aspen Publishers, The Bureau of National Affairs, Spencer Publications, and others. A sampling of some of her publications and presentations is attached.

Ms. Stamer is a graduate of Arizona State University and a graduate of Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. She and her husband, Doug, are the proud parents of two boys, Max, age 11, and Luke, age 6. In her spare time, she enjoys sports, travel, cooking and entertaining, and gardening.

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