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Complying with HIPAA

March 21, 2018

A checklist for business associates. The HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules now apply to both covered entities and their business associates. Given the increased penalties, lowered breach notification standards, and expanded enforcement, it is more important than ever for business associates to comply or, at the very least, document good faith efforts to comply, to avoid a charge of willful neglect, mandatory penalties, and civil lawsuits. Download this white paper for a review of key compliance actions that business associates should take.

Using Dash Camera Video in Civil Litigation

January 31, 2018

In order to use dash camera videos to a client's advantage in civil litigation, it is necessary to understand why these videos are powerful and how they can be used in court. Remember that many jurors have grown to expect the type of crystal clear evidence that they see presented on popular television programs. Using dash camera video is an excellent way to meet the evidentiary demands of modern juries. Download this white paper to learn how to effectively use dash camera video in civil litigation. Learning Objectives - Learn how dash camera videos affect civil litigation. - Review the use of dash camera videos in civil litigation. - Learn how to craft an effective dash camera video usage policy.

Why Paralegals Should Understand the Ethical Responsibilities of Attorneys

January 24, 2018

Paralegals should know about all of the legal and ethical responsibilities that attorneys have. They play a major role in the legal field in whatever responsibility a lawyer may give them. Understanding their attorney’s ethical responsibilities and limitations helps paralegals go through their career without any problems or major legal issues. This also minimizes any legal liability that they may have from improper practices. There are many important reasons why paralegals are obliged to know what an attorney’s job is all about, and they are outlined in this white paper. Learning Objectives - Review ethical responsibilities of attorneys. - Understand how paralegals can help their attorneys. - Determine the paralegal's extent of responsibilities. - Identify how paralegals should be represented to clients and the court.

How Retained Logic, Actual Dates, and Progress Override Deal With Out-of-Sequence Progress

January 24, 2018

Look at an issue that may arise when you are either preparing or reviewing a schedule update. In particular, we’re going to look at how your scheduling software may address “out-of-sequence” progress. In construction scheduling, “out-of-sequence” progress occurs when activities begin, progress, and finish earlier than expected (based on the logic and activity durations in the latest schedule). Oracle’s Primavera P6 Project Management (P6) scheduling software provides users with three different options with which to handle out-of-sequence progress. Download this white paper for details on these scheduling options.

Harmonization of Clinical Research Requirements - Conflicting Common Rule and CLIA Requirements Come under the Microscope

January 17, 2018

A complex patchwork of federal and state regulatory requirements apply to entities that perform human subjects research in the United States. In recognition of one such inconsistency, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently announced that it had asked the National Academies of Sciences (NAS) to convene a committee to review and evaluate the rules that govern clinical laboratories’ ability to return patient-specific results from tests performed in research laboratories.

Annuities and Life Insurance

January 8, 2018

Why do they get a bad rap? Because commercial products sold to the general public lack net return on investment, due to costs, fees and varied returns, annuities and life insurance have earned a bad rap. Read this white paper to see how these can play a positive part in your tax planning strategy.

Alternatives to the Traditional Performance Review and How to Implement Them

December 27, 2017

The best performance reviews allow managers and human resource professionals to communicate through the sharing of ideas, opinions and information. There are several problems with traditional performance reviews. In traditional performance reviews, managers often tell the employee how they measure up and assume that they both perceive the employee’s job the same way. This assumption may lead to miscommunication of job duties and how it relates to good performance. While traditional performance reviews are usually effective at separating excellent employees and very poor employees, these types of reviews don’t differentiate well among the vast middle ground. For a more balanced and complete view of an employee’s performance, alternative methods provide a more balanced approach. Learning Objectives - Review alternatives to traditional performance reviews. - Identify types of employees who benefit from alternative performance reviews. - Learn how to get buy-in from decision makers. - Determine how to transition to the alternative performance review.

10 Proofreading Tips for Error-Free Writing

August 31, 2017

Scanning a document is not enough; the eye and the mind can both be very easily fooled into thinking that a mistake is correct, especially if you have not had the time to rest before you begin the proofreading process. God forbid you be asked to type up a marketing report or dictate a budget or tax document and misplace a decimal point without catching it during the proofreading process! The outstanding administrative assistant exercises a very precise and human touch over the materials that he or she produces in order to make sure that they are truly error free. This white paper contains 10 tips to aid the admin in this endeavor. Learn: How getting away from technology can aid in proofreading How to focus on one type of error at a time How to read the document mechanically

Rent Escalation and Common Area Maintenance Clauses in Commercial Leases

August 15, 2017

Make sure you understand what net and gross actually means in your lease. Operating expense provisions are some of the most heavily negotiated sections in commercial leases. These provisions obligate the tenant to pay a defined share of certain defined costs of operating the building or center. This article will explore some of the key issues in negotiating and enforcing operating expense provisions in leases.

10 Ways to Use Smartphones to Improve Workplace Efficiency

June 30, 2017

For those looking to increase the efficiency of their entire office, generally via an administrative assistant position or one of office management, the tools and capabilities of today's smartphones are virtually limitless. Even so, there are ten particular ways that smartphones can dramatically improve office efficiency, building on years of progress that was originally made by office workstations and personal computers. Before assuming that these devices are only as good as their phone and text messaging applications, consider the following major advancements in smartphone technology and office efficiency that are transforming workspaces around the world. Learning Objectives - Why sometimes the best workplace isn't the workplace - About the advancements in smartphone technology in recent years - 10 ways to use smartphones to become more efficient in the workplace