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Social Gatherings and Social Media this Holiday Season - What's Not to

May 30, 2018

It's never too earlier to start planning for the holidays. Most employers celebrate the holidays by throwing a party for their employees. It creates a positive feeling among the team and can connect colleagues that may not get to interact with their day-to-day duties. While the idea of having a party always has the best intentions, a quick search online can show how things can take a quick turn for the worst … all captured on social media. This white paper reviews some precautions that employers can take to save the company from a social media headache at the holidays.

Vacation Float: Managing (and Recouping) Unearned Vacation Time

May 9, 2018

Don't get burnt by employee vacations. While an employee is enjoying their time off, employers are left at the office figuring out how to deal with the dilemma of vacation float issues. By allowing an employee to take vacation time that they haven’t actually earned, employers are juggling how to get the value of that time back if the employee leaves before “repaying” it? This white paper addresses different approaches to recoup the time used.

Post-Accident Drug Testing Under OSHA’s New Rule

May 8, 2018

When can employers drug test their employees? OSHA’s “new rule” took effect on January 1, 2018. This rule instructs employers to electronically submit injury and illness data to OSHA. Along with the electronic submissions, this rule also incorporates an anti-retaliation provision. This provision prohibits employers from retaliating against employees for reporting work-related injuries or illnesses. This white paper intends to inform how to conform with this rule.

Disability, Death and Related Topics of Cheer

May 8, 2018

The best a divorce practitioner can do is to acknowledge that the death of everyone involved in a divorce is certain. No one likes to think about it, but from all appearances, whether life is approached with optimism or pessimism, it appears that death is inevitable. Of course there is unpredictable order and timing, but in divorce proceedings using that knowledge can help to structure divorce orders and decrees in such a way that as little harm as possible will befall the interests that have been employed to create or protect, and (perhaps most of all) fully inform your clients of the financial effects that will flow from the death of one party or the other. This material is intended to sketch out the effects upon the benefits flowing from public and private retirement systems that should be expected upon the death of either the plan member/participant or the non-member/participant spouse, and to show what, if anything, can be done by the practitioner to alter those effects.

Content Marketing: 6 Things You Are Doing Wrong

April 25, 2018

Hands up if youâve invested time, money and effort into a content-led marketing initiative and have gotten nothing back in return. Content marketing is so misunderstood by the majority of marketers who blog, email, and socialize their content that it’s little wonder that so much of it doesn’t actually work. This shouldn’t put you off content marketing. You just need to get better at it. Content is like any other form of marketing: Unless it has a clear objective, is carefully targeted, and is optimized (in the same way you would optimize your email marketing or paid search activities, it will not work. The first step in any content marketing optimization strategy is to know what you are doing wrong. Discover the 6 things you might be doing wrong in this infographic.

Fill and Backfill for Foundations: Construction Control

April 25, 2018

Do you have control policies established for your construction project? Are your personnel able to follow through on these policies? The heterogeneous nature of soil makes it the most variable construction material with which engineers are required to work. Research in soil mechanics and experience gained recently in constructing large earth embankments have provided additional knowledge toward understanding and predicting the behavior of a soil as a construction material. However, only with careful control can engineers ensure that backfill construction will satisfactorily fulfill the intended functions. Learn general construction controls, the importance of owner acceptance of control, and valuable inspection activities.

No-Recording Policies: May Employers Ban All Worker Recordings?

April 4, 2018

Recording others is easier than ever. Employees have the opportunity to record both video and audio with the push of a button ... on their smartphone. Whether it is in a weekly meeting, a hallway conversation, disciplinary discussions, etc., any and all comings and goings in the workplace have the chance of being recorded. Employers are becoming more and more concerned about what content is potentially being recorded which is leading some to adopt policies to prohibit these recordings at work. Download this white paper to read about how these policies may violate the NLRA; and receive some policy pointers.

Estate Planning: It Is Not Just About Preserving Wealth

March 21, 2018

Estate planning is not just for high net worth individuals. Unfortunately, many believe you must have a high net worth in order to concern yourself with estate planning, in part due to the ever increasing estate tax exemption. Between that and the enactment of portability laws, fewer people use estate planning techniques available to them. A common opinion is that estate planning is for people who want to limit exposure to estate taxes, and in reality estate planning is so much more than just passing wealth on from generation to generation.

May I Please Go to My Therapy Session? Empirically -Supported Approaches for Using Technology in Clinical Assessment and Treatment

March 21, 2018

The digitally-minded student requires a new approach. The optimal therapeutic setting is not the same for everyone. For students, the introduction of technology as part of the treatment plan can engage them to actively participate more. This white paper will provide you with various ways that technology is used with clients. Start using new techniques today.

Things to Watch Out For in Commercial Ground Leases

March 21, 2018

Potential Pitfalls for the Unwary Since ground leasing is typically something the average landholder does only once in his life, he is at a disadvantage with respect to understanding business risks of ground leasing from the perspective of the ground lessor, in comparison to a sophisticated ground lease tenant with multiple ground lease experiences. Big box or other major franchise convenience food or retail business are typically experienced and sophisticated with respect to ground leasing. Often they will approach a negotiation based on their own self-generated form, which is well integrated with ground lessee and lender protections. Their ground leases generally contain certain commonly used features. Purchasers of property subject to existing ground leases, in particular convenience food or shopping center leases with national or regional franchise occupants, should expect that the ground lease probably contains these features and should review title carefully to determine if they exist.