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The Importance of Agile in HR

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Be prepared to act strategically and quickly in a rapidly changing HR environment.The complexity faced by organizations today requires teams of people working and learning together so that we may address the dynamically evolving demand of our customers. Yet our organizations are struggling to attract, grow, and retain the right people with the right skills at the right time. To address this dynamic situation we must embrace an agile approach to HR. To do this we must work collaboratively, flexibly, and swiftly. We must push HR strategies as far into our organizations as possible, experiment with agile strategies such as hackathons, learn from our experiences, and evolve our approach.


Scott Ambler, Scott Ambler + Associates


The Fundamentals of Agile

• The Agile Mindset ' Being Agile

• Common Agile Practices ' Doing Agile

• Agile Tools ' Supporting Agile

Agile for HR

• Why Does HR Need to Be More Agile?

• How Can We Apply Agile in the HR Space?

• What Are the Limits of Agile for HR?

HR for Agile

• How Can HR Support Agile Teams?

• What Agile HR Strategies Can We Adopt?

• When Does HR Need to Step Back?

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