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Workers' Compensation Ethics

OnDemand Webinar (96 minutes)

Review common ethical dilemmas workers' compensation practitioners are faced with on a daily basis. Whether representing a client with a life changing injury or a company facing significant liability for an injury claim, being a workers' compensation practitioner is fraught with issues that raise potential ethical concerns. This topic will help you better understand those issues that cause the most concerns and to develop practice management strategies to steer clear of those problems. We will review the most common ethical pitfalls faced by the workers' compensation practitioner.


Tim Cowans, Scott Scriven LLP


General Ethical Concerns

  • The Top Sources of Ethical Issues in General
  • Best Practices to Mitigate Those Risks
  • Examples of Scenarios Presenting Ethical Concerns

Ethical Concerns Particular to Representatives of Injured Workers in Workers' Compensation Claims

  • Marketing and Advertising Issues
  • Fee Arrangements and Controversies
  • Representation Outside of Workers' Compensation Issues

Ethical Concerns Particular to Representatives of Employers

  • Identifying the Client
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Conduct During Defense of Claim

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