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Employee Write-Ups: Do's and Don'ts for Documenting Employee Performance

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Make sure you are correctly documenting employee's performance to protect you from a potential lawsuit.You may have had the urge to say to an employee, 'I've had it with your performance. You're fired.' But wait - have you correctly documented the employee's performance to support your position in a potential lawsuit? This topic will assist you in understanding what to do and not do when documenting an employee's performance. Termination is one of the most difficult things a manager must do and that is why managers give leniency on performance. Documentation of the employee's performance is critical and can make the difference between a defense verdict and a large jury award.


Jackie A. Sexson


Employee Write-Ups ' the Do's

• Do Establish Clear Performance Expectations

• Do Focus on the Facts

• Do Review Patterns of Problem Behavior

• Do Write a Specific Plan for Improvement

• Do Follow-up

Employee Write-Ups ' the Don'ts

• Don't Be Too Vague

• Don't Diagnose Why the Employee Is Performing Poorly

• Don't Include Your Mental Impressions and Emotional Comments

• Don't Embellish on the Documentation

• Don't Apologize

Other Considerations in Documenting Performance

• When Is the Best Time to Document Performance?

• Documenting Behaviors Rather Than Attitudes

• Maintaining At-Will Employment

• What to Do With the Documentation

• When Should the Performance Documentation Lead to Discipline vs. Termination?

• Supervisor's File vs. Personnel File

• Avoiding Discrimination and Harassment Claims Through Documentation

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