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California's New Marijuana Law: How Does It Impact Employers?

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Employers face a whole new set of challenges with the advent of legal recreational marijuana in California.Now that it is legal, what can employers do to regulate on-duty and off-duty use of marijuana by their employees? This topic will tackle the evolving legal and scientific challenges related to drug testing, policies for on- and off-duty marijuana use, medical versus recreational use, employees in jobs that impact public health and safety, safeguards for policies that treat marijuana like prescription opiates, accommodation requirements and chronic medical conditions, and other issues. Through a detailed overview of the existing law and presentation of various alternatives for policy-making, this material will help employers to understand and avoid potential legal pitfalls, develop practical workplace solutions that take into account the realities of the labor market, and implement compliance strategies to mitigate legal risks.


Gina M. Roccanova, Meyers Nave


Current State of the Law

  • California Health and Safety Code
  • Ross v. Ragingwire Telecommunications
  • Fair Employment and Housing Act and the Compassionate Use Act
  • AUMA, Recent Legislation, and Regulations

Employee Use and Drug Testing Policies

  • Off-Duty vs. On-Duty
  • Medical Use vs. Recreational Use
  • Jobs Impacting Public Health and Safety
  • Accommodation and Chronic Medical Conditions
  • Legal and Scientific Limits of Drug Testing

Policy Frameworks for Employers

  • Alcohol Model
  • Prescription Drug Model
  • Hybrid Models
  • Practical Implications and Enforceability

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