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New York Leave Law

OnDemand Webinar (85 minutes)

Order this OnDemand Webinar and learn detailed information about some extremely unique New York State leave laws. These unique leave laws are generally not required by federal law, so if you are in compliance with federal law you are not necessarily in compliance with New York law.


Michael J. Sciotti, Hancock Estabrook, LLP


New York State Human Rights Law

  • Religious Accommodations
  • Disability Accommodations

New York State Workers' Compensation Law

  • Workers' Compensation Leave
  • Short Term Disability Leave
  • 120 - New York State Workers' Compensation Law
  • 125 and 125-A - New York State Workers' Compensation Law
  • Criminal Prosecution Issues

New York State Labor Law

  • 162 - Time Allowed for Meals
  • 202-A - Leave of Absence for Bone Marrow Donations
  • 202-I - Leave of Absence for Military Spouses
  • 202-J - Leave of Absence for Blood Donation Granted to Employees
  • 206-B - Employment of Females After Child-Birth Prohibited
  • 206-C - Right of Nursing Mothers to Express Breast Milk

New York State Election Law

  • 3-110 - Time Allowed Employees to Vote

New York State Penal Law

  • 215.14 - Employer Unlawfully Penalizing Witness or Victim