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Recruiting on a Limited Budget: Proven Low and No Cost Tools and Approaches

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

There is a long and established history of recruiting professionals being asked to accomplish more with less around the world. A June 2010 poll recently revealed that while 73 percent of organizations expected the volume of recruiting activity in their organization to increase significantly in the current year, only 18 percent received an increase in budget on par with the forecasted increase in demand. Despite increasing complexity attributed to changing workforce demographics, increasing global competition, changing societal interests and evolving technology, the mandate to deliver above average results with below average budget isnít likely to go away. This OnDemand Webinar will help you take charge of your own recruiting needs by understanding what tools and approaches are proven to deliver exceptional results yet cost little or no money. Specific attention will be paid to best practices that allow the recruiting organization to leverage other peopleís time, including social media enabled world-class employee referral programs.


John Sullivan, Dr. John Sullivan & Associates


Building a Recruiting Strategy Around Low and No Cost Approaches

  • Modeling Source Effectiveness and Capability
  • Implementing Prioritization Methodologies
  • Measuring the Dollar Impact of Great Recruiting

Low and No Cost Best Practices to Support Employment Branding

  • Assessing Your Employment Brand
  • Understanding the Competitive Landscape
  • Spreading Your Story Using Social Media and Other Low Cost Channels

Low and No Cost Best Practices to Support Sourcing

  • Understanding the Impact of a World-Class Employee Referral Program
  • Key Best Practices That Differentiate a World-Class Employee Referral Program From an Average One
  • Linking Your Employee Referral and Social Media Programs

Low and No Cost Best Practices to Support Assessment

  • Building a Candidate Experience Centric Profess to Assessment That Benefits Everyone
  • Leveraging Technology to Support Online and Remote Assessment
  • Tackling Manager Resistance to Change in Assessment Models