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May 29, 2014 – 2,309 views
Barbara Richman SPHR - HR Mpact
The public has witnessed numerous cases involving organizational scandals and questionable ethical practices in recent years. Companies such as Enron and WorldCom have ceased to exist because of the pervasiveness of unethical conduct. Other organizations, both large and small, have been subject to public scrutiny and legal actions as a result of questionable activities. Reputations have been ruined, individuals have been prosecuted, and employees, stockholders, retirees and customers have been appreciably harmed by various types of unscrupulous conduct. Full Story 
May 28, 2014 – 2,032 views
Suzanne Newcomb - SmithAmundsen LLC
This case illustrates how important it is for employers to fully engage in the interactive process. Despite a formal process for addressing accommodation requests and evidence that it engaged in an interactive process, at least to some extent, the judge still found GEís efforts lacking. Full Story 
May 28, 2014 – 3,763 views
Barbara Richman - HR Mpact
The workplace is a reflection of society at large. Today, we see a gamut of behaviors that demonstrate a lack of respect and civility, both inside and outside the workplace. Studies and polls indicate that Americans view incivility as a serious problem that is getting worse.  One study found that 60% of employees believe that co-workers’ annoying behaviors negatively impact the workplace and, as a result, 40% reported that they are looking for new employment.  These and other findings illustrate that disrespectful and uncivil behaviors drain productivity and negatively influence both an organization’s bottom line and the overall economy. Full Story 
May 27, 2014 – 8,787 views
HR Resource
As society continues to create stereotypes surrounding the millennial generation, young supervisors and managers are finding it more difficult to gain respect from older co-workers and colleagues. Age discrimination goes both ways, and young employees in positions of authority are experiencing this type of discrimination in a variety of ways. Full Story 
May 27, 2014 – 1,950 views
Barbara Richman SPHR - HR Mpact
With all of the latest advances in technology, suppose an announcement was made today touting a new device that is guaranteed to protect the workplace from the dangers of workplace violence, including the unthinkable potential of a deadly incident. Full Story 
May 21, 2014 – 2,195 views
Barbara Richman SPHR - HR Mpact
Do you ever wonder why some meetings seem to last so long? Is it because discussions are allowed to veer off track? Is it the result of disorganization or a lack of preparation? It is these and similar situations that lead participants to question whether their time involved in meetings is well spent. Although organizations readily recognize the value of time as a resource and place it under a microscope in examining productivity and processes, its use can easily be overlooked in the context of day-to-day meetings. Full Story 
May 19, 2014 – 1,928 views
Barbara Richman SPHR - HR Mpact
The popularity of social media continues to grow as evidenced by ongoing publicity highlighting its benefits and widespread use. Employers are increasingly jumping onboard to ensure that their organizations maintain a competitive edge. While there is an awareness of the numerous benefits derived from the use of social media, employment-related downsides may be less fully understood. Full Story 
May 15, 2014 – 2,019 views
Barbara Richman SPHR - HR Mpact
Conflicts occur within all organizations. Their results can be positive or negative, depending on whether our interactions with one another are respectful or confrontational. Applying a consistent and constructive approach to conflict prevention and resolution can influence these interactions and have a positive impact on individuals and the overall organization. Full Story